IDI-facilitators use the instrument in a variety of ways

Here is a small sample of the organizations, training institutions and consulting firms currently using the IDI.

ABB, Anticimex, Eniro, ICA, Infranord, Karolinska universitetssjukhuset, Regeringskansliet, Scania, Skatteverket, Södertälje kommun, Trafikverket, Österåkers kommun and many other.

Consultants and Training Institutions:
Utbildningsinstitut och konsultbolag:
Astarcan AB,Bizexpand Affärsutveckling AB, Combinera, Competence Compagniet, CORE Consulting Group, Effectiveness Consultants, GRO Organisationsutveckling, Gällöfsta, iblå Utveckling, IFL vid Handelshögskolan, IPF, Inger Scott Psykologi AB, Lernia, Lövudden AB, Nordisk Kommunikation, Management Support, Mongara, OMNIA, Paragera, Provins fem, Right Sinova, Riddarfjärden, Ståhl+Partners AB, SMAB, Sententia, SPM-gruppen, Tailwind, TRUST, 3Steg, ViZuera, XPANSION Affärspartner and many others

Contact us for assistance in coming in contact with individuals in the above organisations who can tell you more about how they have used the IDI.